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Manukau Counties Community Facilities Charitable Trust

The Manukau Counties Community Facilities Charitable Trust was set up primarily to support the development of Bruce Pulman Park in Papakura and the organisations that use it.

Manukau Counties Community Facilities Charitable Trust generates funds for its Authorised Purpose by operating gaming machines in the greater Auckland region.

Contact details for the Manukau Counties Community Facilities Charitable Trust are:

Mail:     PO Box 340 Drury, South Auckland

Phone:  09 294 8222 - Nicola Kidd


Email:  trusts@xtra.co.nz


Manukau Counties Community Facilities Charitable Trust could not operate without the generous support of the venue operators who have chosen to sign with the Trust.  Please support those who support us.  The venues we operate gaming machines in are:

  • Shiraz - Meadowlands
  • Pitch Bar and Sound - Papakura
  • Forge2 - Papakura
  • Boodles Licensed Cafe - Papakure
  • Coyote Bar - Papakura   


Applying for a Grant

Applying for a grant is easy, but you need to ensure that;

  • The application fits within the Authorised Purpose of Manukau Counties Community Facilities Charitable Trust (see below).   The ‘Authorised Purpose’ is the definition of what the Trust is licensed to make grants to.
  • The applicant is a non-profit body
  • The grant is to be applied to specific and future purposes; no retrospective grants can be made
  • The application is made on the correct form, and is complete

If your application does not fit within the Authorised Purpose or is incomplete then the Trust will have to return your grant application to you.

Authorised Purpose

The Authorised Purpose of Manukau Counties Community Facilities Charitable Trust is;

  • Grants for the provision, maintenance and development of facilities and activities at Bruce Pulman Park, including additions to the park by way of land purchase
  • Funds for the charitable purposes of the Bruce Pulman Park Trust for community sporting and other community activities
  • Funds for the development, promotion and support of amateur sport, in the greater Auckland area and in particular Counties Manukau
  • Funds for provision of equipment, transport of players, and coaches to recognised amateur sporting leagues or tournaments. Grants only issued to sports teams and clubs which are formally established and/or legally constituted. Grants issued for actual and reasonable travel expenses for groups participating in amateur tournaments with kindred groups, sports equipment, playing uniforms and ground hire
  • Education, training, coaching, mentoring, support and technical development and programme expansion for amateur sporting activities
  • Funds for actual and reasonable travel expenses for amateur tournament, and ground hire.

Grant Distribution Policy

The Trustees consider the priority of grants applications based on its grant distribution policy.  This list of criteria, methods, systems and polices is reviewed annually.  The policy is attached 
Grant Distribution Policy 2013

Grant Application Forms

Grant Application Forms are available by:

All completed application forms must be mailed to Manukau Counties Community Facilities Charitable Trust at the address on the Application Form.


The Trustees of Manukau Counties Community Facilities Charitable Trust are

  • Robert Bruce Pulman  - Managing Director
  • John Leonard Sieprath - Solicitor  
  • Kenneth John Robinson - Trustee       

The Trustees generally meet on the second week of each month to consider grant applications.  The Trustees meet a minimum of once every three months


Members of the public wishing to make a complaint about the distribution of proceeds should make their first approach in writing. Verbal complaints will not be accepted if they are not followed up in writing. The complainant needs to state in writing all relevant and necessary information for the complaint.

Complaints should be addressed to The Chairman, at the contact address above.

The Society will respond to the complaint within 20 working days. If complainants are unsatisfied with the result of our investigations they may contact the Depart ment of Internal Affairs.

Any complaints about the conduct of gambling at a venue or the conduct of Society (the holder of the Class 4 Operators Licence) may be addressed to the Chairman at the contact detail above.



Grants by Manukau Counties Community Facilities Charitable Trust are donations as an unconditional gift.  No portion is claimed by The Trust as a deduction for GST.  If a grant applicant is GST registered, only the GST exclusive amount can be funded.

Financial Statement Year Ended 2017


Previous Grants

Please click on the documents below to see a list of previous approved and declined grants.


MCCFCT Grants Nov 2009- 31March 2010
MCCFCT Grants April 2009 - Oct 2009

Grants to 31March 2009

MCCFCT Grants April2008-Sept2008

Grants Made F2008

MCCFCT Grants April-30 Sept 2010

MCCFCT Grants Oct 2010 - 31 March 2011

MCCFCT Grants April-30 Sept 2011

MCCFCT Grants Oct 2011-31 March 2012

MCCFCF Grants April-30 Sep 2012

MCCFCT Grants 1st Oct 12-31st March 2013

MCCFCT Grants April-30th Sept 2013

MCCFCT Grants 1st Oct 13 - 31st March 2014

MCCFCT Grants April-30th Sept 2014

MCCFCT Grants 1st Oct 2014-31st March 2015

MCCFCT Grants 1st April 2015-31st March 2016

MCCFCT Grants 1st April 2016-31st March 2017

MCCFCT Grants 1st April 2017-31st March 2018


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